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Who we are

AdRain is a performance marketing company focused on generating scalable high quality app installs for clients around the world.


Mobile app installs are the core business of AdRain. We specialize in optimizing toward hard and soft KPIs while providing transparent real-time reporting.


Data collected over the years helps us expand the reach of your desktop marketing campaigns. Our main focus is the travel and e-commerce verticals.

What we do

The mobile industry moves at an alarming pace and your clients need to grow with it. AdRain specializes in optimizing toward key performance indicators such as post-install events, conversion rates and conversion to install times using constantly evolving proprietary technology. We take compliance very seriously and actively monitor all of the traffic we send.

How we do it

Compliance Filtering

Each impression we buy is filtered and whitelisted to ensure the highest return on your ad spend.

Audience Targeting

We break out our targeting by audiences and demographics for more granularity and higher quality leads.

Placement Transparency

You see what we see. Every placement that we run on is passed in real-time to ensure your brand is safe.


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